Tuesday, January 6, 2009

September (a, b, c, d, e)

September (e)

The Full Moon

The moon is full
The moon is full
I am happy
Cause the moon is full.

-Claire, aged 7

September (d, untitled)

In a dream I embraced a
large hard white sphere
trapped in its magnetic hold

I chased a child's blue ball
down a wild icy river

simple silver moon is there
anything you desire of me?

-Amaryllis Fletcher

September (c)

The Road Home

even on back roads
I find I have velocity
and direction

I have come from
I'm not quite sure
where I am going
I don't much care

the sign says Nirvana
I'm not there though
I only know
I am somewhere south of there
filled with this feeling
and aware of it

how I keep leaving behind
the very thing
I am looking for

but then life is for living
time is a spiral
and every road
the road home.

-Ric Masten

September (b)

dharma and no more

the dainty cat is growing fat.
she reposes on the rocking chair
laps at pregnant stomach hair.

o the kitty's belly is replete
stuffed with mousies tiny feet
this be her baby's bloody meat

digested for the milky teat.
o she is a happy carnivore
this be her dharma and no more.

-Leif Halvorson

September (a)

As If These Things Are True
(Little Boy)

it's enough to live as if these things are true:
August 6th 1945, 8:15 am

the red brush pastes the summer
brown California grass

thunder has brought us here
up from the firmament

who has torn this island
this vast continent asunder

to grapple with fraility
scent of one red flower
hard afternoon heat

-Leif Halvorson

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