Sunday, June 26, 2011

First June Selection

I cherish the moment of your
passing like

a flash of lightening
you took to the
great outdoors

your voice still echoes:

"Everything is absolutely

Was it yesterday the young hawks mated above our heads?
Always the earth spoke to us
we listened and moved to the worlds


--Joyce Pointe

Second June Selection

Luna Blue

Estas llamas azules, seductoras

Bailan los siete velos y se extinguen

Contonéanse etéreas, inasibles

Tal como los motivos que te alejan.

Y me alejan

Estas llamas azules, tan azules

Como esta luna llena de cobalto

No alumbran ya mi cuerpo somnoliento

Que se cubrió de sombra a media noche.

Como eclipse

Estas llamas azules no me queman

No parecen de fuego ni de vida

Son más bien llamas frías, algo inertes

Rastro nuestro apenas perceptible.

Esta noche.

--Lilyan de la Vega

Blue Moon

These blue, seductive, flames,

They dance the seven veils and die out

They swagger, ethereal, elusive

As the reasons you are away.

And I am away

These blue flames, as blue

As the full cobalt moon

Giving no light and my body sleepy

Covered in shadows at midnight


These blue flames do not burn me

They do not seem fire, or life.

More like--cold flames, something inert

Our faint trail.


--trans by Deanna Hopper

Third June Selection

Funerary Practices 1

I was not aware of the Full Moon

because where I live,

they have a custom of leaving the porch light on overnight

when an apartment empties out

(and they are always emptying out due to people dying or going broke whichever comes first)

like a beacon to local break and enter inscape artists

to come over and steal the sweet nothing that is surely there.

This porch light is like

a 100 katrilliongazillion watt mini moon

that overpowers anything else hanging out in the sky.

It is so bright, that in the morning I have to double check

to make sure it’s sunlight streaming in through the blinds.

--Richard Velez