Friday, January 2, 2009

June (a, b)

June (b, untitled)

sitting on the patio,
I see two full moons.
one seen through the maple leaves,
one seen in the reflection of the window.
or is it
one moon with two reflections?
one reflection in the sky,
the other reflection in the window
reflecting the sky?
Oh my,
do I have to decide
which one?
which two?
the moon in the window
appears less obscured, fuller, and brighter,
while the moon in the sky is mostly hidden behind the leaves.
the night is cooling after the hot day,
the sounds of distant traffic
remind me that there are places to go.

Gregory Wonderwheel

June (a)


A hill so high
it almost
reaches the moon.

A hill covered in green grass
soft as a bed.

A windowless red room
deep within the hill.
A stern mandarin matron serves tea.
Her face expressionless.

She waves a manicured hand
at a bolted door.
It has a little grated window.

The eyes looking through it
do not see you.

They see some other dream.

Deanna Hopper

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