Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July Selections, Three of Five

Just a moment please

There is something I've been wanting to say to you

Waiting for just the right moment

Gotten so much older now though

Can't seem to remember what it was

--Dennis Baker

Since I am here with you,
being caught so,
the thorns press against my feet.
After I had lost all patience,
Sitting there in nowheresville,
A scent from a long, long road
Dawned in my mind.
Loss, and then some more,
But we arrive at rosebeds to lie in.
Maybe we keep growing shoes just for the pleasure
Of taking them off - that moment when our feet break free.

--Chris Gaffney

filling kitty's water bowl

serving her the moon

cat laps the moon

from her water bowl

all full

--Patrick Mizelle