Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A note in March

Dear friends - as we begin to receive more submissions, posting everything we've received becomes unwieldy. Here are our selected poems only, for February. The next full moon is Tuesday March 30th - looking forward to hearing from you!

February Selection #1

Sky Vodka

I pour the moon light into a tall glass,
swallow, and feel it burn going down;
the night sky is so empty now,
but I - I am finally full.

- - Jane Rogan

February Selection #2

His face squeezed with grief -

this small boy - is choosing a

play yard enemy

- - Deannna Hopper

February Selection #3

Morning Argument

I see an old
newspaper floating in a mountain
stream; the text
on the last page has bled
through to the text on
the first page, so
the newspaper looks
like it's been read by
the water and the water's
reading of the news has transformed
it into something
blurred, multi-layered and beautiful. If
I look I can make
out phrases and
these phrases are also
beautiful, proving,
that water can
handle everything.

- - Thaisa Frank

February Selection #4


Searching for a perfect teacher
Determined to drink wine out of an up-side-down cu[
Determined to have my way in the end

What a bully I am!
That's no fun,
just as when
things that should be wet,
are dry,
like the teeth in my mouth.

The long blue ribbons
in that girl's hair
all the way to Tallahassee.

--Deanna Hopper

February Selection #5

Of full moons
Bombing down
La Habra Boulevard
headed east
fueled by
a boatload of guacamole
and two margaritas, doubles
My mom behind the wheel
of a great vintage Chrysler wagon
She says
"My doctors tell me
I've only got two years to live . . . "
Interrupted by the moon
as seen through the suburban
Los Angeles basin atmosphere
"Oh my god! Look at the moooooon!"
Eighty billion tons
suspended in the crystal
winter sky
Enough oh's in her "moon"
for six months worth
of full moons

- - Brian Howlett