Friday, September 3, 2010

August Selections 1 & 2

Our August offerings were written by Deanna Hopper, Bill Krumbein, Patrick Mizelle, and Joyce Pointe.

Selection #1

One buzzard, hunched, in
fog, cold wind, on the cedar
branch - now! There's his friend

--Deanna Hopper

Selection #2

I've learned
that meditation's possible
even while kneeling
offering at the porcelain shrine.

--Patrick Mizelle

August Selections 3,4,& 5

Selection #3


uneven heartbeat
off to Mexican restaurant
before test results

The Arrhythmia
sounds like a rock band
missing a few beats

twenty-five beats skip
four beats skip, seven beats skip
washing lunch dishes

--Bill Krumbein

Selection #4

A Response to Li Po

Together, in the jangling midst
of droll details and narrow dreams,

discord fumbles the keys,
this (plink) chord (plink)
- ah, refrain -

and yet, wrangling - this, too!
Sullen silence - all this
is Buddhamind! How?
How can this be?

What luck, to find a friend
offering coffee over ice.

We're definitely lost together here -
not different from the faucet and the washer,
the blackish wisp of mold ringing the sink.

One clear word opens the garage door,
discards the broken toaster,
flattens boxes, sweeps.

A bright and rising moon regards the flow:
feelings, thoughts, talk.

Put all these things on the lawn
under a sign marked Free.

--Deanna Hopper

Selection #5

This Half Moon

This half moon is
worth a penny
for my thoughts
which are on nothing
how about yours?

And earlier
through the grey fog
I heard in my mind
the words
but I am happy!

then smile, quick laugh
the wine bush
leans towards me
heya where ya been,
come sit, tell us

--Joyce Pointe