Tuesday, January 6, 2009

November (a, b)

November (b)

The Tao of Words

"Plowing all year the paper field"
word after word line follows line
what the ancients have sown
strive to glean year in year out
a writer may pass through each season
but lives in hope of a harvest every day

"Still better mad than dull"
shut in for more than a week
passing days on notebook pages
for all I know and care
everything's as I have written
fanciful and inspired my world
black and white as my words

-Pat Nolan

November (a)

Goodnight PZI

Based on, and written in the style of, the children's book Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Zendo,
Goodnight Moon
Goodnight orange tree
Outside in full bloom.

Goodnight kitchen
Goodnight clock
Goodnight water
Boiling in the pot.

Goodnight cushions,
Placed here and there
Goodnight Kathy's
Funny little chair.

Goodnight teachers,
Rachel and John
And to their wisdom
That paves the journey we're on.

Goodnight trees
Blowing in the breeze
Goodnight Joyce
Who waters each week.

Goodnight altar
Candle and flame
Goodnight Buddha, Kwan Yin
And what's her name.

Goodnight Donation box
Goodnight volunteers
Goodnight sesshin and sutra service
And to those we hold dear.

Goodnight Temple Bell
Bowl, sticks and chimes
Goodnight Gregory
Our keeper of the time.

Goodnight basket
Full of pretty little cups
Goodnight Ryla,
Goodnight to her pups.

Goodnight Brian
Goodnight Zen, Art and Life
And to his insight and spirit
That he shares Thursday nights.

Goodnight all you Rakusus
Bowed heads, Namaste
Goodnight incense and dharma talks
Goodnight end of day.

Goodnight darkness
Goodnight key and lock
Goodnight bodhisattvas
Goodnight Barack.

- -Kathleen McGuire

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