Friday, January 2, 2009

May (b, c, d, e)

May (e)

The Best Time to Plant

The moonlight interrupted our dinner, you so quickly and cleverly
Put together; it burst over the fence in an unexpected place in the sky
Like a Super Hero ready to take all our struggles away.
There was nothing to do but eat, slap mosquitoes
And talk about the day.
The lavender candle wax was not supposed to drip,
But it was soft and warm, a tiny sculpted body,
Taking form with the press of my finger; my identity
Now cast for anyone to steal.

Oh just take it. I can always grow another one.

Jane Rogan

May (d)

Moon Talk from Jemma

Look at the moon!
It's really not moving.
We're moving.
It's so bright.
I can see my shadow.
(She dances in the moonlight, watching her shadow.)
You know, Vikki, I put my shoe outside with something in it like a rock or
some moss and my mom puts a present in it after I go to sleep and takes
rock or whatever. When the moon is full.

Vikki Kath

May (c, untitled)

so - Jesus finally

ate Cain -

and liked it!

Joyce Pointe

May (b)

Moon Gargle

I'm thinking the full moon doesn't give a rat's ass
That I have a pile of work in the next room
That needs to get done.

I think of all those monster movies when I was a kid
All the weird creatures that lived on the moon
Crawling in and out, taking earth men as prisoners
God, my mind wanted it to be real

Then I think of all the creatures living on me
In my pores, in my hair, in my mouth
Eating dried flaky bits of skin

And how my shadow can eclipse whole civilizations of ants
One footstep can obliterate thousands of tiny organisms without my
What's real to them? Do they write me poems?
Do they have piles of work waiting for them in the next room?

-Eric Moes

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