Sunday, June 13, 2010

May Selections

Greetings friends, we had quite an exciting time picking our May poems last Thursday - the submission pile was strong and varied.
Drew Logan is the author of our first offering, the delicate yet earthy haiku Tsukinohikari.

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Ward44 said...


Under the flowering branch I sit,
And in the sky, my brother moon,
A distant yellow-silver orb
holds court upon the night.

Through each moment petals open
greeting their cousin stars,
As all the midnight sky expands,
with fire-flies in flight.

Beyond, beneath, around, within
existence breathes its welcome,
And I feel as one with all that is
Absorbed into the light.

As the fragile blossoms stay
Until their time to fade
Into eternity which bids
adieu to life’s delight,

I will continue sitting here
Brother to the moon,
Cousin to the stars,
Bathed in all the life there is
holding court upon the night.