Saturday, October 5, 2013

Selected Poems, Third Quarter, 2013

An Untrustworthy Translation of Du Fu's In Abbot Zan's Study, Poem #3

Insomnia is defined by lamplight and shadows.

Heart and mind are clear, I inhale the incense.

The halls are quiet except for fluttering draughts.

As a chain of moments unwinds in my mind

springtime awaits me in the watered courtyards.

Outside the Earth is hidden in a fragrant night

from my window I see the stars of the Jade Rope

setting. An iron phoenix is about to rise –

the Sanskrit scrolls have unrolled their sutras

and the hour is leaving the temple – a bell rings

echoing and diminishing washing around my cot.

The heat of the morning falls on the fields.

The yellow earth is drying in the bright day.

--Wulf Losee

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