Saturday, October 5, 2013

Selected Poems, Third Quarter, 2013

 Our sixth Selected Poem retells a famous story from a fresh point of view.

  We're mostly water, my friends. 
              Ordinary and common as dust.
           So how do we flow to sacred ends?
          How do we make the changes that we must?
          Well water filled clay jars at the Cana Party.
That groom was nervous, probably kept the crisis from his bride
          While everyone danced, a little drunk or eating hearty,
           Servants kept dumping into jars the water from outside.
                         No one really knows what happened then,  
                 But I suspect some chemistry between those lovers
                          Connected the whole whirling circling kin.
 When they shouted, "More wine!" The groom declared: Lift the covers!"
                                      My brave lovers, never fear to find
                   That your ordinary care and kindness makes sacred wine.

--Scott Wood

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