Friday, June 7, 2013

Fifth Selection, Second Quarter, 2013

Dreams of Falling

the philosopher kings shuffle their tarot decks
you are pushed from The Tower
flaming shards accompany you down

of the twenty-one sleepers in the prison ward
the eighth has died – we smuggle you in
subvert their dreaming with your own

the Library of Alexandria
was destroyed today by a cruise missile
parchment cinders float on the bay

a messenger disguised as night
had left a shredded dispatch at your pillow-side
the wheel is turning once again

priests invoke the blessings of the oligarchs
from a pool of bloody sacraments
a tidal wave is rising

clerks of State and accountants
shuffle their paperwork – every suspect needs a file
light the spark

you shout to us across an impossible distance
a click of static from Alpha Centauri
lightyears away you are still accelerating

at such velocities the mass of visions
is a burden you can no longer hold
release them
                           you slam awake and scream

--Wulf Losee

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