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Full Moon Poetry Society News - Feb 2013

Full Moon Poetry Society News

Our December Selections concludes our collection of poems 2012. 

February 22nd, 2013. Full Moon Poetry Society is beginning its sixth year. This winter, we are  making a few changes, and we think you’ll like them, or at least, be intrigued. We are.
We accept submissions at all times. Whenever you feel the urge to submit, do.  Instead of selecting five poems monthly, we will select however few or many poems really please us. We will be posting our Selected Poems quarterly, not monthly. Our next chapbook, The Full Moon Poetry Society Selected Poems of 2012, will be available this summer, in electronic, rather than printed, form.
The actual full moon, that shiny rock in the sky, is a great rallying point, a symbol of awareness and of our group, but that doesn’t mean we want poems about it. We don’t. No poems about the moon, please. This time we really mean it!
What we are looking for is poetry that shows heightened awareness. Free verse and traditional forms are both welcome. Length, less than five hundred words.
Consider the spirit of “show, don’t tell.” We seek poems from Zen, and other Buddhist, practitioners. But we prefer poems to show the trials and fruits and whimsy of practice, rather than tell about them in specifically Buddhist terms.
And yes. . . there is a full moon coming on the 25th. . . there’s that rallying point! 

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ji bo's blog said...

The Pure Land

when wandering
back roads
of the Pure Land,
be sure
not to run out
of gas.