Sunday, March 3, 2013

December 2012 Selected Poems #'s 4 & 5

Imprint of leaf on concrete
Sun struggling
to break thru cumulus cover
Bus stop
Clown on wheelchair
in bright orange kung fu gloves
talks to someone funny
on his Bluetooth ear phone:
actually talking to self;
all in his head
ALL is in his head
Two deaf Asian girls;
of ill repute?
Clown and I give them bad directions
Clearly in hope they find themselves
lost in our arms
On the bus
I take my hat off hoping
to impress them with my full mane
but all they see is my bad haircut
The radiator burns a hole in my calf

--Richard Velez

*    4:30 AM

4:30 AM
Rumbles through my head again
It seems it goes on forever
There I go again exaggerating
Forever is a very long time
And eventually the end comes
I know what was on that train
Dreams and whispers and bullets and trash
Each morning at the same time
The whistle blows
4:30 AM
Here comes that train again
*        --Larissa

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