Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4th & 5th Selctions, April2012

Mega Millions Mania
That’s a lot of M&M’s 4

After the rains
After the after parties
After the tears
After the rains
I walk somewhere over rainbows
To discover
I am still pretty much who I was
I walk to the 711 where the scent of money
leaves a trail of desperate men
bridging 911 walls
finally brothers in their loss
discussing earnestly what had occurred
or didn’t
I look deep in all their eyes
trying to ascertain the truth
(are they hiding paper wealth?)
but the truth is simply
that they too
are pretty much the same as before
the blessed event
Walking home I shoot
a reflection in a puddle
of run off waters in a canal
and trees and clear skies
and a self portrait
in the reflection of window that reads:
“Transformations” with an iChing symbol
My reflection is so ghostly
I almost disappear in the glass
and I’m thinking
that the women in this beauty salon
maybe have the right idea
That, or antiquated notions
Me, too, me too
On the way home
I sense someone stalking me
It is one of those desperate old men from the 711
going home to his wife
St. Patrick says:
“So it goes”
and so it does
One question though:
How come
with so many local strip malls
there is no one stripping?

--Richard Velez

In my dreams,
rushing elephants strapped with AKs
bum rush me away from
            gourmet grazing grounds
where I’m munching and crunching on
coconut cream cookies, cucumbers and you
Love is in jeopardy
Then, unexpectedly,
Wu-Tang comes
rapping, hip hopping,
singing and swinging
all mach 10 to the rescue and shit
while somewhere in Dreamland
in my dreams
somewhere over the rainbow
in my dreams
Rambo Sambo dances the mambo
In my dreams, you ask
why do we in the ghetto
wear chains of Cuban gold?
Some say it’s a status update
re: our current state of enslavement
but others remind us that in other times
gold chains symbolized ladders to Heaven

               --Richard Velez

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