Sunday, February 14, 2010


Kannon in red and white
Sits enthroned at the mall,
That temple of concupiscence,
A Styrofoam and glitter shrine
To shadow happiness.
He (ho, ho, ho!) sits patiently
To hear the world’s cries
In small increments, from children
Shyly whispering their tentative desires.

The Bodhisattva listens
With a kindly smile,
Reminds them to be good
(…For goodness’ sake!), but
Makes no promises.
Hark how their moms meanwhile
Arrange for photographs
To document these baby steps
In suffering life so eagerly passed on.

Kannon in red and white
Soundless to the earless throngs
Preaches continuously, a resonant sight
Of generosity amid the glittering lights.
The silent call goes out:

To all, to all, a happy day;
To all, to all, goodnight.

-Patrick Mizelle

submitted 2010

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