Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fourth July Selection, 2012

There has to be something under this
I can feel it.
The way I became obsessed with forgiveness
the theology of it
after that night.

I thought that in forgiving
rushing there
I might get back to the ground
that unground

To God
Who I needed
and thought I could find
on that mountain

He choked me
with arms that read
Om Mani Padme Hum

We were buying our enlightenment
Your level 5 beat my 1  
I stopped climbing 

I came down the mountain
looking for the home 

where we lived before the words
and the prayers
and the spiritual tattoos

the mistakes that lost us

Whatever is underneath,

I know that
it is not the ink 
that makes the book holy

and mountains are just piles of dirt
that go up and down

and that you will forgive
when I stand in the pulpit
boldly preaching the wrong directions

Just like you forgave us all 
the minute we left. 


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