Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1st, 2nd, & 3rd June Poems, 2012

Task Completed

Skipping out the front door
With a wastebasket held high
Zigzagging a bit to the left
Then to the right
Sort of a pirouette
Before slam-dunking it
Into the street-side can
A quick about-face
Returning to the porch
This time wearing the inverted wastebasket
As a hat
Task completed
Performed little boy way

--Bill Krumbein

Walking home by night
just me and my white-bone friend
for everyone else is asleep,
or home with blinds drawn
leaving me to walk the street
while my friend walks that blue-black sky.

--Birrell Walsh

Out here
the tracks of something bright

they move with the wind and sun
I move with the wind and sun

the birds are telling me
the grasses are telling me

here is the voice of spirit
here is the song of spirit

my own medicine I am tracking
the weaving world rolls up

beneath my feet
the dreaming and the dancing

Out here
I am tracking something bright

--Amos Clifford


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