Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fourth and Fifth March Selections

frail shell of the earth this spring sky of robin's egg blue


winged messengers of future worlds these wind-whirled seeds

--Patrick Mizelle

The S. S. Golden Age has slipped

her berth, upped anchor, sailed

just over the horizon: watch

the widening wake; see

the last faint puffs of smoke; gaze

from the pier bathed in a sunset glow

until night snuffs out everything

but that soft lapping, lapping,

of the all-devouring waves.

Can you say it hasn’t all been said before:

those rosebuds gathered,

cherry blossoms falling,

snows of yesteryear, ripe plums?

Helen Keller, blind and deaf and dumb,

holds her hand beneath the water,

and the water comes.

--Patrick Mizelle

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