Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 2011, Fifth Selection

Prayer for Wilt

so long, big dipper.

you--so long, longing,

--were you—reflecting? critical?

inner warrior against racism,

fit athlete, sweet pleasure to meet, legs still fleet

under blue, furry white skies--high fives

venice beach leisure. eternal rest, eternal activity,

conscious alive circle

passing to realms of mystery

your spirit’s next curiosity.

bye, elegant solitary man, human, hummin’ man.

thanks for sharing your glories

artiste, playing basketball

hoops, round ball

like earth

joy uncontained, the man in the boy, you, gracefully tall

quick wall with a finger roll

century of points: one game!

scoring, exploring women too

loving, bragging

abusing, respecting, growing

glowing in the mirror above your bed.

you--disliking “hero” tag, people’s person

learning kindness

ciao, hasta la vista

to ineffable unknown may you go,


passing through that wondrous door

go where you’ll soar, like you danced down a shiny wooden floor.

- - Morgan Zo Callahan

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