Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fifth June Selection

By the time you save enough

to make it to Capri, Mrs. Onassis

will have long since gone away,

and everyone will sigh, will say

how glamorous it was before the souvenirs,

the sex shops and the packaged holidays.

You’ll dutifully climb up the hill

to roam the ancient villa ruins, sail

the famous blue-lit grotto cave, all this

seen through the camera lens

auditioning to be the past

and somehow not as you’d imagined

from the guidebooks, memoirs, magazines.

You’ll check your watch, you’ll catch the hydrofoil--

so fast--and yet the future runs away

like plans made in Pompeii or schemes

hatched on one August day in Herculaneum

across the broad and smiling bay.

--Patrick Mizelle

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