Sunday, May 29, 2011

fourth May Selection, translation

Inevitable Moon

You are a blank, luminous absence

With such a presence that you appear close

But you are far—and unreachable

Turned, as always, into deep longing

So fleeting –perpetual—passing

Merely with looking at you, I am fulfilled

And you are never enough, Moon.

What are we to make of this inconsistency

You are all--and you are the void--at the same instant

Icy butterfly that I can’t touch

Luminous caress embracing me

You are my favorite paradox

The faithful mirror of my own inconstancy

The faithful constancy of my own desires

If you only didn't flee so furtively

If I could touch your angelic face

But I am never able to keep you

Hunt down your white substance

You are inevitably free,

And ironically, I am your slave

--trans. by Deanna Hopper and Lilyan de la Vega

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