Monday, April 25, 2011

April Selections, 2011

Greetings, Friends, and welcome to the April 2011 Selected Poems of the Full Moon Poetry Society. We take submissions ever month. Submissions can be entered at our website,, or sent to

And now, our first and second Selections -

Electric light surpassing the moon: my confusion;

Moonlight kissing the dark water: your brief touch.

-- Dan D'Agostino

Optical physics posits

that there is no absolute black

nor is there absolute white

as one requires the absolute absence of light

and the other requires that light prevail over all other energy

in an exactly balanced spectrum

to an infinite degree;

one requires manic laughter and the other sadness without cease.

Astral physics confirms this thinking.

Travel deep enough into the most profound Black Hole

and you come out on the other side

to another explosion of light

into nova and then again; in infinite flux.

The only absolutes in the existence of life energy are impermanence and change.

You can’t laugh beyond entropy

and you can’t stay sad forever but you can shade your shit;

be cool and shade your shit.

You can wear dark sunglasses in the darkest darkness; just don’t close your eyes.

-- Richard Velez

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