Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fourth March Selection

If you are there right now
please offer incense
and pay homage
to Benzaiten
goddess of art
wisdom, and knowledge
then crouch down low
on the edge of Shinobazu Pond
and clap your hands
three fat claps
and when the
orange and white splotched
koi responds to you
feed her bread crumbs
from your pockets.
If so inclined,
In the evening
spread out flattened
cardboard boxes
and a blanket
on the edge of the walk
in between the red
Kannon temple
and the waters
of Shinobazu
Sit down beneath
the cherry blossoms
amongst dear friends
you may have never met,
The sake, other spirits
and the bento box
are optional.
Sit all night long
beneath the extended
silhouettes of cherry branches
and under the perigee moon,
saying nothing the whole time.
If you are fortunate
in a flurry of petals
the wind
may finally speak to you .

--Glen Snyder

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