Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Selection #2

January Selection #2

I’m Expecting to Wake Up Out of This Year Long Dream Any Day Now

Black electrical lines against a purple sky
a pink piano out of focus
with an open book of music that no one knows
how to play.
A crimson chandelier catches the light and the crystal beads glitter
to what has always been a nostalgic glow.
This was winter.

So we escape to lush green
cold beers on white beaches
a black galaxy of stars that break us down
strong currants and mornings we wish we could take back.
We say goodbye in a language not our own.

I return to Spring, gin, confliction.
I hide from the stars
June, July, and August
and I hide from the moon.
I swim nude in murky waters
while my heart slowly goes to sleep.
Before the leaves have fallen,
I am gone again—
flying west over rolling hills
beaches too cold to lay my head upon
and so many birds.

A broken compass guides my days now
through a place that should be so much better.
I check my reckless heart for life,
and watch myself disappear.
I’m expecting to wake up from
this year long dream any day now.

--Ashley Warren

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