Saturday, November 6, 2010

Selection #'s 2 & 3

Selection #2

Sleeping soundly
Peeling carrots
Walking the dog

Out there, earth strains,
Faults seek release;
An asteroid approaches;
Or a madman with a bomb.

In here, a lapse of memory;
A cancer cell divides;
A mindless moment,
Steps missed on the stair.

Walk the dog
Peel carrots
Soundly sleep

--Patrick Mizelle

Selection #3

Monkey wants a room on the moon
Far from the fray of radio,
Of Facebook, phone, HDTV; on, on
Beyond a lounge chair and a lemonade;
Past nougats, and past nightingales,
Past prisoners in secret jails.

Monkey wants the sun to shine,
To light that room up all the time.

--Patrick Mizelle

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