Thursday, January 28, 2010

thanks everyone

I just wanted to say thanks.
We created five books of Full Moon Poetry. Four of the handmade books were auctioned on ebay and all four sold. The money received for the books will be donated to our host for the two years it took to produce our books, Pacific Zen Institute.
So thanks to:
The buyers of the books.
All the poets that contributed the entire year, month by month.
All the artists that hand illustrated our book.
Everyone that participated in judging the amazing poetry that was submitted.
Special thanks to:
Jan Black for her amazing skill and knowledge about making books by hand.
Deanna Hopper for her dedication and love of poetry and all her work participating in this project.
Oh and Bobby Rae whose "white trash mac and cheese" sustained the entire Full Moon Poetry Society through this project.
So stay tuned. The Full Moon Poetry Society will be soliciting poems by you via the electronic media all throughout this new year.
Thanks again,

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