Wednesday, December 31, 2008

March (e)

March (e)

The Creek Flows Fast Among Thick Trees

The creek flows fast among thick trees.
Branches lean over and down

the water rushes.
Two legs dangle from the leaves.
A sparkling object flies out -
lights on the water-
and is drawn back along a silver line.

Trees with legs appear
to cast the line
so delicately falling.

Somebody is hidden in the leaves.
He casts the line and reels it in
and golden ripples follow.

I can't see him; his torso, head,
and history are hidden.
On still eyes his casts recur -
circles drawn in light,

I can't see him, so
trees with legs appear
to cast the line
now delicately falling,
as if no one,
the very forest branches,
patiently constructed something silver
out of many links of light and falling.

-Deanna Hopper

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